Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

Love Within (Beyond) is the third album from the Beyond series, released in 2014. It features beside the previous Beyond team with Regula Curti, Dechen Shag-Dagsay and Tina Turner the new Hindu singer Sawani Shende-Sathaye. The opening track „Love Within“ starts with a spiritual message spoken by Tina and ends with a breathtaking interpretation of „Amazing Grace“ by Tina as well. The track „Mother Within,“ includes also a new version of the Tina written song „I'm A Motherless Child,“ which was already recorded by Ike & Tina Turner in 1969 for the album Outta Season. For promotion, the track Mother was released just in time for Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014. Available for a short time, it's a short mix of the track „Wisdom,“ including a sample of Tina’s spoken intro. Mother Within (Heavenly Home) was released as a digital single in a much shorter and a little bit more up-tempo mix than on the album. Xaver Walser produced a promotional video for tv stations, in which Tina sings „Amazing Grace“. The digital version of the album includes an additional remix of the song „Wisdom“.

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album
Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album
1. LOVE WITHIN 10:10 *

Spiritual Message By Tina Turner
Om Shanti, Kyrie Eleison, Generating Bodhicitta, Laudemus Virginem, Amazing Grace

2. WISDOM 5:56

O Sapientia, Devii Saraswatii Vandanaa, Arya Tara Rigpa Hum Dröl

3. ALMIGHTY 6:08 *

The Enlighter, Taking Refuge, Lord’s Prayer, Lord’s Prayer In Aramaic


Ave Maria, Devi Parvati Stuti Rachanaa, Green Arya Tara Mantra

5. PRAISE 6:16

Arya Tara Who Protects The Elements, Goddess Durga Shloka, Halleluja


Buddha Mantra, Sometimes I’m Exhausted And Driven Lord, Tum Hi Ho Aadhaar, Regina Coeli
 ★ Single release in 2014

7. WELCOME 7:21

Yavi Devii, Ave Regina Coelorum, Chen Dren - Inviting Arya Tara


Ave Maria, Meeraa Bhajan, Arya Tara Wangdü Rigje Lhamo


Ubi Caritas, Tvameva Maataa, Avalokiteshvara Mantra

10. ONENESS 6:44 *

Amen, Om, Om Ah Hum

11. WISDOM (Remix) 2:59

O Sapientia, Devii Saraswatii Vandanaa, Arya Tara Rigpa Hum Dröl
Digital downlad only

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album
Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

Go to the
Mother within you
Go inside of you,
true values you’ll find
beyond, beyond

Tina Turner

Umashankar Shukla: Sitar Sandeep Kulkamiz: Flute Dilshad Khan: Sarangi Liakat Ali Khan: Sarangi Narayan Mani: Veena Aditya Oke: Harmonium Satyajeet Prabhu: Harmonium Takahiro Arai: Santoor Vinayak Netke: Tabla Krisna Ghotkar: Pakhavaj Deepak Borkar: Percussions Christoph Stiefel: Piano on Compassion, Love Within, Welcome Galatea Quartet: Strings on Almighty, Lover Beyond, Mother Within, Oneness, Welcome Tullio Zanovello: Orchestral Arrangement and Programming on Compassion Jonas Zellweger: Orchestration and additional Arrangement for Galatea Quartet Leos Gerteis: Clarinet Roland Frei: Programming, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Keys

Tina Turner *, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Sawani Shende-Sathaye

Produced by BEYOND Foundation, Switzerland
Executive Producers: Erwin Bach, Beat Curti
Music Producer: Roland Frei, NJP Studios
Recording & Arrangement: Roland Frei, NJP Studios
Arrangement & Musical Direction for Indian Instruments: Avinash Chandrachud
Mixing: Leos Gerteis & Roland Frei at NJP Studios
Mastering: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering Los Angeles
Concept and Coordination: Regula Curti
Photography: Nathan Beck
Film: Xaver Walser
Graphic Design: eyeworks, Zurich

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album
Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Promo

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