Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album

Live In Concert is an audio CD and DVD package from 2006, including Ike’s performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 2002. The set of Ike’s 69-minute show includes hits from his five-decade career and popular cover songs. For much of the concert, Ike seems to have turned back the clock, sitting center stage at an electric piano and sometimes breaking out an electric guitar as he takes the band through versions of boogie-woogie, jump blues, R&B, and soul standards.

Ike Turner - A Black Man’s Soul - Album
Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album
Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album
1. CHICKEN SHACK (Live Instrumental) 4:48

Written by McKinley Morganfield

2. IKE’S & PINETOP’S BOOGIE (Live Instrumental) 2:12

Written by Ike Turner

3. MERCY, MERCY (Live Instrumental) 5:34

Written by Joe Zawinul

4. I NEED A NUDDIN’ (Live) 3:12

Written by Ike Turner

5. CALDONIA (Live) 3:22

Written by Fleece Moore

6. FIVE LONG YEARS (Live) 5:24

Written by Ike Turner

7. BABY’S GOT IT (Live) 3:38

Written by Ike Turner

8. ROCKET 88 (Live) 3:09

Written by Ike Turner

9. TEQUILA (Live) 3:56

Written by Chuck Rio

10. IKE’S TUNE (Live Instrumental) 1:38

Written by Ike Turner

11. STEEL GUITAR RAG (Live) 5:15

Written by Ike Turner

12. I’M THE ONLY ONE (Live) 4:42

Written by Melissa Etheridge


Written by Otis Redding

14. PROUD MARY (Live) 7:36

Written by John Fogerty


Written by Sylvester Stewart

Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album
Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album
Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album

Audio Mastering: Bernhard Götz
Executive Producers: G. CoachIra BruggmannJean-Luc Young
Audio Engineer: NOB
 Cover Design: Bernhard Schiestel
Special Edit: Bernhard Schiestel
Postproduction Director: G. Coach 
Liner Notes: Steve Huey

band members

Ike Turner: Piano, Guitar, Vocals Kevin Cooper: Bass Guitar Seth Blumberg: Guitar Paul Smith: Piano & Organ Billy Ray: Drums Mac Johnson: Trumpet Machael “Mikal” Williams: Tenor Sax Jeorg Taylor: Baritone Sax Ernest Lane: Piano Audrey Madison: Vocals

Ike Turner - Live In Concert - Album

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