Tina Turner - Bootleg

Because Tina Turner is the artists who sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer, there are many bootleg recordings available on YouTube. But the very special ones are concerts released on vinyl, compact disc or DVD. Some of them were taken from special radio or tv broadcasts like the concert from „Den Bosch, Maaspoort“ in 1984.

Den Bosch, Maaspoort (1984)
Tina Turner - Den Bosch, Maaspoort 1984 - Bootleg
Chicago, Westwood One (1984)
Tina Turner - Chicago, Westwood One 1984 - Bootleg
Birmingham, N.E.C. (1985)
Tina Turner - Birmingham N.E.C. 1985 - Bootleg
Duets (1985)
Tina Turner - Duets - Bootleg
Live In Tokyo (1985)
Tina Turner - Live In Tokyo 1985 - Bootleg
Interview Picture Disc (1985)
Tina Turner - Picture Interview Disc - Bootleg
Life Line (1986)
Tina Turner - Life Line - Bootleg
Dortmund, Westfalenhalle (1987)
Tina Turner - Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 1987 - Bootleg
From Far East To Down Under (1988)
Tina Turner - From Far East To Down Under - Bootleg