15 Greatest Hits was a free album, included with the British newspaper 'The Mail On Sunday'. The songs where chosen directly by the fans on the Daily Mail website. A poll was created and the people could vote for their favorite fifteen songs. The CD came in a cardboard sleeve with a very nice cover picture. Some of the songs are live versions from Tina’s 50th Anniversary Tour in 2009. 15 Greatest Hits was released on October 31, 2010 in England from EMI Records on compact disc.

Tina Turner - 15 Greatest Hits - Promo

Front Cover

Tina Turner - 15 Greatest Hits - Promo

Back Cover

1. What’s Love Got To Do With It (Live) 3:41

Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Recorded live in Arnhem in 2009

2. The Best 5:29

Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / From the album "Foreign Affair"

3. Private dancer (Edit) 4:04

Written by Mark Knopfler / From the album "Private Dancer"

4. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 4:02

Written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich / Recorded live in Arnhem in 2009

5. Missing You 4:38

Written by Mark Leonard, John Wait, Charles Sanford / From the album "Wildest Dreams"

6. Steamy Windows (Live) 4:26

Written by Tony Joe White / Recorded live in Arnhem in 2009

7. I Can’t Stand The Rain 3:43

Written by Ann Peebles, Donald Bryant, Bernard Miller / From the album "Private Dancer"

8. Proud Mary 5:26

Written by John C. Fogerty / From the soundtrack album "What’s Love Got To Do With It"

9. When The Heartache Is Over 3:43

Written by Graham Stack, John Reid / From the album "Twenty Four Seven"

10. Nutbush City Limits 3:20

Written by Tina Turner / From the soundtrack album "What’s Love Got To Do With It"

11. I Don’t Wanna Fight (Edit) 4:25

Written by Steve DuBeryy, Lulu Frieda, Billy Lawrie / From the soundtrack album "What’s Love Got To Do With It"

12. On Silent Wings (Edit) 4:19

Written by Tony Joe White, James Ralston / From the album "Wildest Dreams"

13. Tonight (duet with David Bowie) 3:44

Written by David Bowie, James Osterberg / 1999 Digital Remaster / From the David Bowie album "Tonight"

14. Why Must We Wait Until Tonight? (7“ Edit) 4:29

Written by Bryan Adams, Robert John Lange / From the soundtrack album "What’s Love Got To Do With It"

15. Goldeneye 4:45

Written by Paul Hewson, Dave Evans / From the album "Wildest Dreams"

Tina Turner - 15 Greatest Hits - The Mail On Sunday

The Mail On Sunday - October 31, 2010

The Mail
October 02, 2010

It’s 50 years since Tina Turner released her first single, and to celebrate The Mail on Sunday is giving away a FREE Greatest Hits CD – which will be specially compiled by you.

Over the past five decades this thrilling performer has sold nearly 180 million records and more concert tickets than any solo star.

Today we’re offering you the chance to choose the tracks you would put on a Tina Turner Greatest Ever Hits album. Just pick your favourites from the 20 great tracks below and the 15 most popular choices will be put together on a special and exclusive CD.

The deadline for voting is Monday 4, October 2010. Once all the entries are in and the votes for each track counted. The Mail on Sunday will produce a CD featuring the 15 most popular, as voted by our readers. The CD will appear FREE inside the paper later in the month. It couldn’t be easier, so get voting!

Tina Turner - 15 Greatest Hits - Promo

CD Label

Open Arms - Was released as a single at the end of 2004 and is taken from her compilation album All The Best. It reached No 25 in the UK singles chart. The track features backing vocals from KT Tunstall and Estelle.

Nutbush City Limits - Originally released in November 1973, it reached No 4 in the UK singles chart. Nutbush City Limits is a semi-autobiographical rock ’n’ roll song written by Tina in which she describes her hometown of Nutbush, Tennessee.

Missing You - Written by John Waite and recorded by Tina in 1996, this was released as the third single from the album Wildest Dreams. Tina’s version hit No 12 in the UK singles chart.

The Best - Written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight. Tina’s version of the song was released as a highly successful single in 1989 and featured on her hit album Foreign Affair. In Britain it peaked at No 5 in the singles chart.

Private Dancer - This was written by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame and was the title track of Tina’s breakthrough solo album Private Dancer. The track is sung from the perspective of a high-class prostitute and became one of her most successful singles.

I Can’t Stand The Rain - Written by Don Bryant, Bernard ‘Bernie’ Miller and soul singer Ann Peebles, this song was originally recordedby Peebles. Tina’s version was released as the sixth single from the album Private Dancer in 1985.

When The Heartache Is Over - This was a hit single in 1999. The song, produced by Brian Rawling and Mark Taylor – the team behind Cher’s 1998 hit Believe – came from the album Twenty Four Seven. It was a major hit both in the pop and dance charts, reaching No 10 in the UK.

I Don’t Wanna Fight - Lulu wrote this song along with her brother Billy Lawrie and Steve DuBerry and it was first offered to singer Sade, who sent it on to Tina. She recorded it in 1993 as part of the soundtrack for her auto­biographical movie, What’s Love Got To Do With It. It reached No 7 in the UK Charts.

Whatever You Need - Was written by Russ Courtenay and Harriet Roberts. It was released as the second single from the Twenty Four Seven album in 1999

GoldenEye - The theme song to the 1995 James Bond movie. Goldeneye was written by U2’s Bono and The Edge and reached No 10 in the UK charts. 

Proud Mary - Written by American singer and guitarist John Fogerty for Creedence Clearwater Revival. Ike and Tina Turner’s cover version was released in 1971 and has become one of Tina’s signature songs.

In Your Wildest Dreams - This duet was released in 1996 by Tina and Barry White and is taken from her album Wildest Dreams. The original European album version of the song, featuring Antonio Banderas, was included on Tina’s hits compilation All The Best.

Why Must We Wait Until Tonight - A single from Tina’s 1993 What’s Love Got To Do With It soundtrack album. The track was written and produced by Bryan Adams and peaked at No 16 in the UK singles chart.

Tonight - A track written by David Bowie and Iggy Pop for Iggy’s second solo album, Lust For Life, which was released in 1977. In 1984 Bowie re-recorded the song as a duet for his new album – also called Tonight – with Tina as guest vocalist. Bowie released it as a single but it was credited only to him.

Complicated Disaster - This is a track from Tina’s 2004 greatest hits compilation All The Best.

On Silent Wings - A track featuring guest vocals from Sting. It was released in April 1996 in support of Tina’s Wildest Dreams album. On Silent Wings enjoyed success in the UK, reaching No 13 in the singles chart.

Something Special - Was recorded in 1996 for Tina’s Wildest Dreams album, but did not make the final tracklist because the producers did not think it fitted in with the style of the rest of the record. It was finally released on her 2004 greatest hits compilation All The Best.

What’s Love Got To Do With It - Written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, this was the second single released from Private Dancer. The song, which became a huge worldwide hit, is credited with making the album such a huge success. It reached No 3 in the UK.

River Deep, Mountain High - This 1966 single by Ike and Tina Turner is considered by Wall Of Sound producer Phil Spector to be his best work. The record was hugely successful in Europe, peaking at No 3 in the UK singles chart.

Steamy Windows - This was on Tina’s 1989 Foreign Affair album and was released as a single in early 1990. Tina also performed the song as the opening number during her 1993 and 2008/2009 concert tours. Steamy Windows was written by Tony Joe White and produced by Dan Hartman.


Tina Turner - Beyond - Promo



Tina Turner - 15 Greatest Hits - Promo

15 Greatest Hits