Ally McBeal was an American tv series from 1997 until 2002 with five seasons. Tina made a guest appearance in the 14th episode of the third season with the title „The Oddball Parade“. Ally and Elaine enter a dance contest in which the winner gets to perform as one of Tina Turner’s back-up singers in the bar - and of course, Ally wins the contest. Beside the musical appearances from Tina, there are some funny moments, when she is watching the members of the contest doing Proud Mary. The episode with Tina was aired on February 28, 2000 and was released from 20th Century Fox on home video on DVD in 2002.

Tina Turner - Ally McBeal - Video

DVD - Season 3 - Front Cover

A Fool In Love (Tina)

Written by Ike Turner

Proud Mary (Contest Members)

Written by John C. Fogerty

When The Heartache Is Over (Tina)

Written by Graham Stack, John Reid

Tina Turner - Ally McBeal


Tina Turner - The Lion King Collection - Album

Lion King


Tina Turner - Ally McBeal - TV, Video

Ally McBeal


Tina Turner & Tom Jones - Tom Jones & Friends - Video

Tom Jones & Friends