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Ask Me How I Feel

is a rock song from the album Foreign Affair. Tina performed it also live at her Foreign Affair Tour, available on the Do You Want Some Action? home video.

Writer: Albert Hammond, Holly Knight
Producer: Dan Hartman, Tina Turner
Album: Foreign Affair (1989)
Video: Live In Barcelona (1990)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Album
  1. Ask Me How I Feel 4:47
  2. James Ralston: Rhythm Guitar / Gene Black: Rhythm Guitar / Dan Hartman: Acoustic Guitar / Pat Thrall: Chugg and Slide Guitar / Phil Ashley: Acoustic Piano, Flute and Strings / Elliot Lewis: Theme Keyboard Notes and Tag Strings / Phillipe Saisse: Theme Harmony Keyboards / Timmy Cappello: Sax Solo / T.M. Stevens: Bass / Art Wood: Drums / Tessa Niles, Lance Ellington and Tina Turner: Backing Vocals

Q: Tell me about this song and what you heard in this.

A: You know, I think I might have said to you earlier, I feel this album is old fashioned music. I found that in England they play still a lot of old fashioned music in the dance halls and all. And I feel that once again, like „Let's Stay Together“ was very successful here, finally the British will pick me up again and say „Alright, here it is. We’ll play it.“ It's old fashioned music. It's music from way back in the 60s that R&B people sung. It's the kind of music that was a hit in the 1970s, early 60s we’re talking about, even some of the late 50s. This young girl, Holly Knight and Hammond reached back some kind of way and came up with this music and I asked them. Of course they can't say how, it just sort of comes when you start playing and writing, you can't analyse it almost, it just comes when you get in there and you start writing. This what they love and they sat there very concidently and played it and because they know that even if I didn’t take it hopefully I would take it because I can make it because I identify with what they wrote, and to give it to somebody else that couldn’t identify, they could possibly not exactly get what they hoped for with it. They were thrilled when I decided, like „Yes, yes, absolutely“. It was…even the demos felt Iike the record to me. I mean I wasn't singing it, you know.

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

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