TINA: Press Conference

Beyond (2009)

Tina Turner - Beyond - Press Conference

Shortly after Tina finished her 50th Anniversary Tour, she participated on May 14, 2009 together with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay at the yoga centre Seeschau in Erlenbach, Switzerland a press conference to present their common project Beyond for the first time. Sitting together in front of the cover picture of the album, Tina explained: „I was waiting for this moment for so long, to express my inner spirituality.“ When asked why she doesn't sing on the album, she told them: „My voice isn't really beautiful for this kind of music.“ Alluding to her hit What's Love Got To Do With It, she replied: „Love has so much to do with trust and the willingness to open doors for people. That's exactly why I'm here.“

To be a part of this project, Tina had to overcome some obstacles. At this time, she was bound to a contract with the British music giant EMI, but this album was released by Universal. Tina’s later husband and EMI manager Erwin Bach needed all his influence to obtain an exemption. This was only possible because this is a charity project. „We receive nothing, all proceeds go to foundations that are committed to peace projects for children and young people,“ told Regula Curti. Universal was also able to recruit Tina Turner to promote the project and they booked her already for the German talk show Beckmann.

Tina Turner - Beyond - Press Conference

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