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Bobbie Wygant NBC (1977 - 1985)

Tina Turner - Bobbie Wygant NBC - TV

Bobbie Wygant was an American television news reporter, talk show host and interviewer who worked for Fort Worth, Texas television station KXAS-TV for over 70 years. She was known for her filmed interviews with celebrities and talked with Tina at least three times for NBC.

November 1985
Interview about the Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) movie and her role as Aunty Entity

June 02, 1980
Interview while Tina performed at the Venetian Room in the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas

September 28, 1977
Interview about Bob Mackie costumes and the divorce from Ike Turner at the Fort Worth Hilton Hotel while Tina performed at Casa Manana from September 27 - October 03

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