TINA: Promo (Video)

Dance Hits (1996)

Tina Turner - Dance Hits (Goldeneye) - Guest Appearance

Dance Hits is a promotional video sampler and features the music video for the single Goldeneye from 1995, which was never officially released from Tina’s record company. The LaserDisc comes in a generic cover with a sticker on the front containing the tracks.

Release: 1996
Label: Pioneer
Format: LaserDisc

  1. Goldeneye 3:23
  2. Written by Bono & The Edge / Produced by Nelly Hooper / Director: Jake Scott / Editor: David D. Williams / Video-Producer: Caroline True, Ellen Jacobson-Clarke
Tina Promo-Dance-Hits-Goldeneye-01Tina Promo-Dance-Hits-Goldeneye-02

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