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Domenica in (1983 - 2004)

Tina Turner - Domenica in - TV

Way of the World, 1992

Domenica in is an Italian long-running television show on Sundays, broadcasted by Rai 1 since 1976 with segments of entertainment, interviews, sport, games and journalism. Tina was several times guest at the show to promote her records. The first time was in 1983 with the release of the single Let’s Stay Together, where she additionally performed the b-side song „I Wrote A Letter“. In 1992, for the promotion of her Simply The Best album with the recent single Way Of The World, Tina performed also a short version of the song „O Sole Mio“ live together with the cast of the show. The last time was in 2004 with Open Arms from her greatest hits collection All The Best.

Open Arms (Live) / Interview

When The Heartache Is Over (Playback)

O Sole Mio (Live) / Way Of The World (Playback)

The Best, Steamy Windows, Foreign Affair (Playback)

October 12, 1986
Typical Male (Playback) / Interview with Vasco Rossi in the dressing room

November 27, 1983
Let’s Stay Together, I Wrote A Letter (Playback)

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