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Ebony is an American monthly magazine that focuses on news, culture, and entertainment, founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson. It's target audience is the African-American community and the cover photography typically showcases prominent African-American public figures, including entertainers and politicians. They wrote frequently about Tina Turner as well as Ike & Tina Turner and Tina was at least nine times on the cover of the magazine.

Issue: May 1971
Pages: 7
Story: Husband-Wife Team Reaches Top

Issue: May 1985
Pages: 4
Story: Sizzling At 45 - 'What's Age Got To Do With It'

Issue: November 1986
Pages: 8
Story: The Shocking Story Of A Battered Wife Who Escaped To Fame And Fortune

Issue: November 1989
Pages: 4
Writer: Lynn Norment
Story: Rich, Free And In Control - The 'Foreign Affairs' Of Tina Turner

Issue: January 1992
Pages: 3
Writer: Edna Gundersen
Story: Tina Turner at 52 - What's Age Got To Do With It?

Issue: July 1993
Pages: 6
Writer: Aldore Collier
Story: Larry Fishburne And Angela Basset Play Ike & Tina Turner In New Movie

Issue: September 1996
Pages: 6
Writer: Lynn Norment
Story: Living My 'Wildest Dreams'

Issue: May 2000
Pages: 8
Interview: Hedda Moye, Robyn Foyster
Photographer: Richard McLaren, Hedda Moye
Story: Tina Sizzles At 60 - New Mansion, Younger Man, Worldwide Tour

Issue: October 2008
Pages: 7
Writer: Margena A. Christian
Story: The Last Days of Ike Turner

Issue: July 2009 (Collector’s Edition)
Story: The it Factor - 25 Woman Who Make Us Sit Up And Take Notice

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