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Echoes (1977 - 1985)

Tina Turner - Echoes - Magazine

Issue from December 24, 1983

Echoes founded in 1976 as a weekly newspaper covering mostly soul, funk and reggae and  became a monthly magazine in 2000, extended by hip-hop, jazz and R&B/pop. Tina Turner was at least five times on the cover of the magazine.

Issue: March 23, 1985
Photographer: David Carlo
Story: Tina scores at Wembley
Language: English

Issue: December 24, 1983
Photographer: Eugene Maynard
Story: Tina Turner: Live and dangerous
Language: English

Issue: March 24, 1979
Story: More Tina
Language: English

Issue: February 17, 1979
Story: Tina - UK tour and album
Language: English

Issue: December 10, 1977
Story: Tina comes alone
Language: English

Tina Turner - Echoes - Magazine

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