TINA: Song

Falling Like Rain

is a pop song from the album Foreign Affair. Tina never performed it live on stage.

Writer: David Munday, Sandy Stewart
Producer: Rupert Hine
Album: Foreign Affair (1989)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Album
  1. Falling Like Rain 4:04
  2. Rupert Hine: Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards / Phil Palmers: Guitar / Sandy Stewart, David Munday and Rupert Hine: Backing Vocals / Recorded by Andrew Scarth

Q: Now tell me about this song: „Falling Like Rain“ - because this is one of my favourites on the album. Tell me about where you found this and how you recorded it?

A: That was the last demo Roger sent to me because we were both a bit doubtful
about if it was right for me. But I had to have some ideas in my head that I didn’t want to sing what was right for me. I wanted to play around with some songs that I'd heard in Europe. I have a market, really a very strong market in Europe now, and I felt like I'd been hearing songs over here that I could sing. They're not just a Tina Turner type of song, you know. This was one of those. When I listened to it I felt, I don't know, it's awfully mechanical-sounding or something. And then I read the lyrics. They got me again. Lyrics, I am a sucker for lyrics! There they were, and I felt mmn. It was one of those songs that was difficult because if you changed the key it changes the music too drastically and you can't capture the same feeling of it. Right? That was a very hard one for us. That stopped the flow of the Holly Knight and the Tony Joe White songs. All of a sudden we were stuck for a second here with this song, trying to make it happen. Then we thought about Rupert Hine. And I kept feeling he's got such a thing with it. I'm a keyboard person as well, you know. He can do anything with that keyboard. It's just, he can go on stage totally alone with that thing and perform. I knew that he was busy producing another act at the time and I
asked Roger if he would just ask him if it was possible that he could try a hand at it, and he said he'd love to and actually he had had another song that we recorded to try to make it happen as well. It happened. I went in. He didn't even know I was there when he was programming his keyboards. He’s like me, if the demo is right, take it from the demo. There's no need to try to rearange it if it's already right. Why do we need to put a stamp on it? It's right. I want what the demo is, and I made it very clear. He did it. He produced. It was even low key for me to sing it in because I would have preferred to sing it higher, but again if you change the key of a thing … It’s one of those songs where it needs do be in that key. It's not a song anyway, where you need to do a lot of heavy singing in it. The words is why you’re there. So I went in. This is the way to do it, walked in the studio.

Me had it already down, microphones set up, I went right in; two, three cuts and I had it, with Rupert - that's what you can do with Rupert. Rupart is totally in control of doing his tracks. He'll send them to you, you say change this a little bit .. . he changes it. You go in, you do a vocal, and you've got it done.

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

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