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Good Hearted Woman

was written by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in 1969, while staying at the Fort Worther Motel in Fort Worth, Texas. Jennings was inspired to start writing the song when he saw an advertisement on a newspaper promoting Tina Turner as a "good hearted woman loving two-timing men", a reference to Ike Turner. He released the song for the first time as the title track of his 1972 album. Tina Turner covered it in 1975 for the album Tina Turns The Country On, but it was first released in 1979 on the album Good Hearted Woman, which contains leftovers from the recording session.

Writer: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson
Producer: Bob Scherl
Album: Good Hearted Woman (1979)

  1. Good Hearted Woman 3:20

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