TINA: Commercial

Hanes (1996 - 1997)

Tina Turner - Hanes - Commercial

Hanes is an American multinational clothing company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In 1996 / ’97, Tina Turner was the spokeswoman for Hanes Hosiery lines with television commercials and print advertisements. Hanes was also the sponsor of the American leg of Tina’s Wildest Dreams Tour and released a special Collectors Edition promo sampler, only available in Hanes stores.

The TV commercial was filmed at the same time from Peter Lindbergh, when Tina shooted the music video for Missing You, the first American single from the album Wildest Dreams. The campaign with a budget estimated at $20 million was created by the Arnell Group in New York, founded by Peter Arnell, a friend of Tina and Erwin. He posted very rare pictures from the photo shooting with a never used dress as well as some very private photographs together with Tina on his arnelldesign Instagram account.

Creative Director: Peter Arnell
PhotographerPeter Lindbergh
StyleWayne Scot Lukas
MakeupKevyn Aucoin
Hair: Orlando Pita
Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo (not used)

Tina Turner - Hanes - Commercial

Ms. Volker from Hanes

We had done a survey asking women and men to tell us who they think of when they think of legs, and the No. 1 response was Tina Turner. And when we spoke about getting Tina Turner as a spokeswoman, every single person said, 'Of course; why didn't anyone do this before?' It made us feel stupid for not doing it sooner.

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