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Issue from November 02, 1999

Hello! is a British royalist weekly magazine, specializing in celebrity news and human-interest stories, first published in 1988. It's the United Kingdom local edition of the Spanish ┬íHola! magazine. Tina Turner was featured several times in the magazine as well as with a big picture on the cover in 1999.

Issue: December 2020 (Canadian edition)
Pages: 6
Story: Tina Turner Reveals What 'Literally Saved My Life'
Language: English

Issue: No. 1288 / July 26, 2013 (no cover picture)
Pages: 12
Interview: Belinda Robey
Photographer: Florian Kalotay
Story: Exclusive Wedding Album: Tina Turner's Stunning Nuptials
Language: English

Issue: November 02, 1999
Pages: 16
Story: Tina Turner Welcomes Us To Her Mediterranean Mansion / Tina Turner Scatters Her Mother's Ashes At Sea
Language: English

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