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Hold On (To What You Got)

is the b-side song from the single Are You Breaking My Heart, only released in Australia and New Zealand. It was written and produced by Tina’s former bandleader Lenny Macaluso together with Tina and was released also in remixed versions digitally in 2011 and 2013.

Writer: Lenny Macaluso, Tina Turner
Producer: Lenny Macaluso, Tina Turner
Single: Are You Breaking My Heart (1980) / Digitally (2011, 2013)

  1. Hold On (To What You Got) 3:27
  2. From the single 'Are You Breaking My Heart'
  3. Hold On (Different Mix) 3:27
  4. Hold On (Alternate Mix) 3:58
  5. Hold On (Dance Remix) 3:39
  6. Released digitally / Remix by Lenny Macaluso

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