TINA: Photographer

Ian Cook

Tina Turner - Ian Cook - Photographer

Tina Turner playing with Ian Cook's lenses as he takes her portrait / Copyright by Ian Cook

Ian Cook is a British photographer since the mid 1960s, born in Brighton. One of his early assignments was to photograph The Beatles who were on their first UK tour. He also persuaded Marianne Faithfull who was taking part in the first Brighton Music Festival to sit on a table drinking a cup of tea with Kenny Lynch and covered Ringo’s honeymoon in 1965 with Maureen Starkey. A trip to the USA for „The Observer“ led him to contacting People which resulted in him becoming one of two photographers based in London covering the whole of Europe and Africa. He has had over 5,000 assignments photographing subjects as varied as Dali and Henry Moore, Rock Hudson and Liza Minelli, Leonard Cohen and Sting and travelling round Africa with Bob Geldof during the famine of 1984. In 1985, he photographed Tina Turner in London for an article in the July issue of People magazine.

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