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Ihre Bewegtes Leben und Ihre Karriere (2023)

Tina Turner - Ihr bewegtes Leben und Ihre Karriere - TV

Ihr Bewegtes Leben und Ihre Karriere (Her turbulent life and career) is a Swiss documentation from July 2023 about Tina’s turbulent life and her career after she passed away two month before. The host Jennifer Bosshard spoke with her guests about their special relationship to Tina Turner with many scenes from videos and TV appearances in between. Among others, she talked with Claudia Knoepfel about her foto shooting for the German Vogue in 2013 and with Dechen Shak-Dagsay about her experiences when she was together with Tina in the studio for the Beyond project. The special was part of the G&G series from the Swiss television channel SRF 1.

Host: Jennifer Bosshard
Guests: Dechen Shak-Dagsay (Beyond) / Regula Curti (Beyond) / Claudia Knoepfel (Photographer) / Monika Linder (Journalist) / Roger Schawinski (Journalist)
: 50 Min.

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