Ike & Tina Turner’s Greatest Hits is not really a greatest hits album, but a sampler with selected live tracks from the previously released album The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Vol. 1) and The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Vol. 2) - both from 1965. All tracks were recorded at the Skyliner Ballroom in Ft. Worth and the Lovann’s in Dallas, except Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You. The album was originally released in July 1969 from Warner Records on vinyl, 8-track cartridge and Reel Tape and was reissued on compact disc in 1999.

ike & Tina Turner - Greatest Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Front Cover

ike & Tina Turner - Greatest Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Back Cover

A1. Tell The Truth (Live) 2:43

Written by Lowman, Pauling

A2. Good Times (Live) 2:52

Written by Sam Cooke

A3. You Are My Sunshine (Live) 3:16

Written by Davis, Mitchell

A4. It’s All Over (Live) 3:21

Written by Ike Turner

A5. All I Can Do Is Cry (Live) 5:35

Written by G.B. Gordy, B. Gordy Jr., R. Davis

B1. Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Live) 3:43

Written by P. Woods, E. James, L. Kirkland

B2. Early In The Morning (Live) 2:19

Written by Hickman, Jordan, Bartley

B3. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Live) 3:39

Written by D. Gibson

B4. Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You (Live) 2:40

Written by F. Wilson, Gordon

B5. A Fool For You (Live) 5:17

Written by Ray Charles

All tracks produced by Robert A. "Bumps" Blackwell
Engineer: Dick McGrew

All selections with the exception of „Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You“ were recorded at Skyliner Ballroom in Ft. Worth, Texas, and at Lovann’s in Dallas, Texas

Liner notes by Christopher Bateman
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher

Liner Notes

When I say soul, I think of greasy food — I mean hot, greasy food. What do you think of when I say soul?

Tina Turner’s question was addressed to an experienced but insanely enthusiastic Dutch audience in the immense Symphony Hall in Amsterdam, Holland. Their response to Tina’s query was xxx shattering and immediate. It included random shoutings of the American words „soul music“, and grease amidst great decibels of Dutch emotions. It was obvious that the appearance of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in Amsterdam had become a milestone in international communication.

Communication is the keynote here, Ike and Tina do it. Their music underlines language and culture. With Tina’s voice as a spearhead, they penetrate to the basic, to those feelings and emotions which though buried in some of us, are present in all of us. Words are part of the feeling, but no dictionary is needed to experience this album, it’s all in front of you.

Ike and Tina have been around for a few years now, and this collection of their past hits is a powerful summary of hundreds of shows and of a thousand moments of pure, emotional, live communication. For some listeners, this album will be a completely new sensation and for others, it will be a necessary reprise. But no matter who you are, you will feel this LP. Whether it is putting a cutting edge on Sam Cooke („Good Times“), doing ultimate justice to Ray Charles („A Fool For You“) or singing their own souls („It’s All Over“), Ike and Tina Turner never fail to penetrate.

— Christopher Bateman


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ike & Tina Turner - Greatest Hits - Album

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