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Las Vegas Backgammon (1979)

Tina Turner - Las Vegas Backgammon - Magazine

The Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine was a deluxe magazine about the two-player board game, published by Las Vegas club president Michael Maxakuli. Tina Turner was on the cover in 1979, but without any story inside. There was only a very short description about her on page 7, because Tina played some concerts at the Las Vegas Silverbird Hotel. The sexy picture on the cover served mostly as a eye candy to sell the magazine.

Issue: Vol. 6 / September 1979
Photographer: Andrea Waller
Language: English

A one-woman motion machine that runs at top speed and delivers a dynamic show in the Continental Theatre of the Silverbird Hotel and Casino. With all of her energy and pzazz, Miss Tina could burn up any backgammon game!

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