TINA: Promo (Video)

Laser Juke (1995)

Tina Turner - Laser Juke (Goldeneye) - Guest Appearance

Laser Juke (10.35.12) is a promotional video sampler and features the music video for the single Goldeneye from 1995, which was never officially released from Tina’s record company, but is available on the home video The Best of Bond…James Bond from 2008. The disc comes in a plain white die cut cardbard sleeve and the tracklist is printed on a clear plastic index card. Laser Juke was a music video jukebox system with 8-inch LaserDiscs from Pioneer. Each disc features 10 music videos (5 per side).

Release: 1995
Label: Diamond Time Ltd. / Pioneer
Format: LaserDisc

  1. Goldeneye 3:23
  2. Written by Bono & The Edge / Produced by Nelly Hooper / Video Producer: Caroline True, Ellen Jacobson-Clarke / Video Director: Jake Scott

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