TINA: Promo (Video)

Laser Juke (1996)

Tina Turner - Laser Juke (Missing You) - Guest Appearance

Laser Juke (13.37.08) is a promotional video sampler and features the music video for the single Missing You from 1996, which was never officially released from Tin’s record company. The disc comes in a plain white die cut cardboard sleeve and the tracklist is printed on a clear plastic index card. Laser Juke was a music video jukebox system with 8-inch LaserDiscs from Pioneer. Each disc features 10 music videos (5 per side).

Release: 1996
Label: Diamond Time Ltd. / Pioneer
Format: LaserDisc

  1. Missing You 4:07
  2. Written by John Waite, Charles Sanford, Mark Leonard / Produced by Steve Robson / Video Producer & Director: Peter Lindberg

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