TINA: Song

Let’s Spend The Night Together

was originally released by the Rolling Stones as a single in 1967. Tina Turner covered it in 1975 for her album Acid Queen, but never performed it live on stage.

Writer: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Producer: Denny Diante, Spencer Proffer
Album: Acid Queen (1975)

  1. Let's Spend The Night Together 2:50
  2. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Ron Malo / Aranged by Denny Diante, Spencer Proffer, Jefrey Marmelzat & Jimmie Haskell / Drums: Ed Greene / Bass: Henry Davis / Guitars: Ray Parker & Spencer Proffer / Keyboards: Jerry Peters, Clarence McDonald / Jeffrey Marmelzat / Congas: Joe Clayton / Arp, Moog & String Ensemble: Allen Lindgren & Jimmie Haskell / Strings: The Sid Sharp Strings / Horns: Tom Scott, Plas Johnson, Bill Perkins, Lew McCreary, Tony Terran & Charles Finley / Percussion: Denny Diante / Backing vocals: Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman & Kim Carnes