TINA: Single

Love Explosion (1979)

Tina Turner - Love Explosion - Single

Love Explosion was written by Tina's former bandleader Lenny Macaluso and is the title track of the album Love Explosion. The single contains a very rare extended version and was released without a picture cover only in Australia. At the same time, the song was also the b-side track on the European single Music Keeps Me Dancin’.

Writer: Lenny Macaluso, Pat Summerson
Producer: Alec R. Costandinos
Release: November 1979
Label: Interfusion / Festival
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl
AlbumLove Explosion

  1. Love Explosion (Edit) 3:12
  2. From the 7" record
  3. Love Explosion (Extended Version) 7:02
  4. From the 12" record
    Additional track:
  1. Sunset On Sunset 3:38
  2. Taken from the album 'Love Explosion'
Tina Turner - Love Explosion - Single

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