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Luna Park (1979)

Tina Turner - Luna Park - TV

Promotional picture from April 28, 1979

Luna Park was an Italian comedy music talk show in 1979 with 8 episodes. Host of the show was Pippo Baudo (Giuseppe Raimondo Vittorio Baudo). Tina was guest in all episodes (together with her female and male dancers) with performances of songs from her recent album Rough, including the single Viva La Money (which she performed twice) and the Italian only release Fruits Of The Night. With I Want To Take You Higher, she performed also one song from Ike & Tina Turner.

    March 24, 1979
  1. Viva La Money
    March 31, 1979
  1. The Woman I'm Supposed To Be
    April 07, 1979
  1. Root, Toot Undisputable Rock'n Roller
    April 21, 1979
  1. Fruits Of The Night
    April 28, 1979
  1. The Bitch Is Back
    May 05, 1979
  1. Fire Down Below
    May 12, 1979
  1. I Wanna Take You Higher
    May 19, 1979
  1. Viva La Money

  2. All songs were performed lip-synced

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