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MTV (1982 ...)

Tina Turner - MTV - TV

At the Teletronic studios in New York City 1983 / '84

MTV is an American and international music television channel, officially launched on August 01, 1981 and based in New York City. The channel originally aired music videos and related shows, but nowadays it is concentrating on reality programmes and series tailored to teenagers and young adults.

Tina Turner made history with her very first music video for Ball Of Confusion as one of the first black artists to appear on MTV, when the burgeoning network added it to its programming schedule in 1982. Since then, she was present with all of her music videos, in interviews, specials, and news, internationally and nationally. She presented videos from other stars in MTV The Hits, received awards and performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, was a guest VJ on MTV Videos, was the subject in specials like the Foreign Affair Tour Special and the Break Every Rule Contest, was constantly present in the 'MTV News‘ programme and gave many interviews like with Mark Goodman on January 28, 1983 or with Martha Quinn on August 22, 1984. 

Tina stopped in 1982 by the channel’s studio on W. 33rd St. to film a station ID for the network’s 'Knock Knock' promo featuring Boy George and Thomas Dolby. Nina Blackwood recalls: „Tina was wonderful. It was in our first studio that I met her. We would wake up to go into the studio and it was virtually a parade of artists in and out. Tina was a spiritual person - grounded, strong, kind, warm, optimistic - a joyous person. It sounds fawning, but trust me I would not fawn. I don’t believe in false praise and all that. She’s somebody that you’d want to hug as soon as you met her. There’s some people that you just know that they’re good souls. She is one of them.“

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