TINA: Live (Tour)

Nice 'N' Rough (1981 - 1983)

Tina Turner - Nice 'N' Rough - Tour

Tina met at the TV-Special Hollywood Nights Olivia Newton-John’s manager Roger Davies and asked him to manage her. Roger wasn’t sure, but after he attended one of her concerts at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, he agreed to work as her manager. Tina told him, that she would like to do a Rock’n Roll show like the Rolling Stones, so Davies advised her to drop her band, her style and most of the songs she did before and remodeled her show into a rock showcase. The new show started in San Francisco in March 1981 and continued the following three years with slightly different setlists all over the world.

Also in 1981, Roger booked Tina for the first time for some shows at New York’s most legendary night-club „The Ritz,“ which was a massive success. In November, she was asked from The Rolling Stones to open three concerts of them, including a duet with Mick Jagger. At the end of the year, Tina was invited by Rod Stewart to perform with him at the TV-Show Saturday Night Live and also at his L.A. Forum concert on December 19, which was broadcasted via satellite worldwide. At the beginning of 1983, Tina performed again at „The Ritz,“ which resulted in a recording deal with Capitol Records and Tina’s comeback single Let’s Stay Together.

Regions: All over the world
Home VideoNice 'N' Rough (1982)

Tina Turner - Nice 'N' Rough - Tour
  1. Kill His Wife (Foolish Behaviour)
  2. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  3. Since 1983 instead of "Kill His Wife"
  4. Tonight Is The Night
  5. Hot Legs
  6. Since 1983
  7. Get Back
  8. I’ll Be Here Where The Heart Is
  9. Since 1983
  10. Honky Tonk Women
  11. Crazy In The Night
  12. River Deep, Mountain High
  13. Nutbush City Limits
  14. Givin’ It Up For Your Love
  15. Nightlife
  16. Since 1983
  17. Jumping Jack Flash
  18. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
  19. Shake A Tail Feather
  20. Key Largo
  21. Help
  22. Acid Queen
  23. Take A Little Pain
  24. Rock’n Roll Widow
  25. I Want To Take You Higher
  26. Proud Mary
  27. Music Keeps Me Dancin'
  28. Hollywood Nights
Tina Turner - Nice 'N' Rough - Tour

The 16-page program book from 1983 contains many nice promo pictures as well as picturess from her live shows and TV performances. It includes also a story starting with Nutbush all the way up to her recent collaborations together with the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart.

Germany: April 01, 1982: Philharmonie, Berlin / April 02, 1982: CCH, Hamburg / April 03, 1982: Alte Oper, Frankfurt / April 04, 1982: Europasaal, Aachen / April 05, 1982: Ostseehalle, Kiel / April 06, 1982: Zeche, Bochum / November 04, 1983: Metropol, Berlin / November 13, 1983: Zeche, Bochum

England: April 09, 1982: Hammersmith Odeon, London / April 11, 1982: Arts Center, Poole / April 12, 1982: Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell / December 16, 1983: The Venue, London / December 20, 1983: The Venue, London / December 22, 1983: Fairfield Hall, Croydon

Australia: June 17 - 19, 1982: St George Leagues Club, Sydney / June 20, 1982: Parramatta Leagues Club, Sydney / June 29, 1982: Penrith Leagues Club, Sydney / July 01 - 03, 1982: St George Leagues Club, Sydney / July 09 - 11, 1982: Revesby Workers Club, Sydney / July 13, 1982: Astrodome, Traralgon / July 14, 1982: Billboard, Melbourne / July 15, 1982: Collendina Hotel, Ocean Grove / July 16, 1982: The Venue, St Kilda, Melbourne / July 17, 1982: Waltzing Matilda Hotel, Melbourne / July 18, 1982: Dorset Gardens Hotel, Croydon, Melbourne

The Ritz

Tina Turner - The Ritz

Village Voice advertisements from September, October 1981

In January 1983, Bob Gruen took photos from Tina’s show and backstage and told Voice Magazine: „David Bowie was there that night, and Keith Richards came too; Jerry Brandt was the one who brought the Rolling Stones to America, so it was no big thing for Richards to show up. He was also friends with Tina because she and Ike had opened for the Rolling Stones in Europe in the sixties.“

„Tina's Ritz show was fantastic; she was obviously back to being Tina Turner the star, doing what she knew how to do best: entertain. I don't know how to describe it, but she was more experienced being on her own at this point. The audience was totally with her; their energy was in the palm of her hands, or rather her legs. This was the beginning of her career comeback. Whenever there was a big show at The Ritz, the afterparty at Jerry's office would get pretty crowded. There was a side room, which is where we all ended up with Tina, Bowie, Keith, Patti Hansen. Everybody was so happy. I remember Tina trying to pour the champagne for David Bowie. He was nervous about it splashing on him, and Tina wasn't really a drinker. This was all about celebrating.“

Itinerary: May 07 - 09, 1981 / September 30, 1981 / October 01 - 03, 1981 / January 27 - 29, 1983

Tina Turner - Nice 'N' Rough - Band

Kenny Moore: Piano, Vocals / James Ralston: Lead Guitar / Annie Behringer: Dancer, Vocals / Lejeune Richardson: Dancer, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass / Chuck O’Steen: Keyboards, Vocals

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