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Tina Turner - OK! - Magazine

OK! is the leading lifestyle magazine in England about celebrity news and the royal family. Tina was several times subject in the magazine and at least twice on the cover. A 'Special Tribute Edition‘ in 2023 features her incredible life in pictures, touching memories from those who knew her best, and her last ever interview. Remembered as the Queen of Rock & Roll, Tina showed other women it's okay to strive for success. It includes also a new interview from Eddie Armani, Tina’s friend and personal assistant for over 22 years. He wrote the book The Real T. in 1998.

Issue: June 05, 2023
Pages: 27
Writer: Lesley Jones, Sue Lee, Alison Graves, Rosanna Greenstreet
: English

Issue: June 09, 1996
Pages: 5
Story: Tina Turner talks about her tragic childhood and her violent marriage
: English

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