Revue Live is the first Ike & Tina live album with recordings from the Club Imperial and Harlem Club in St. Louis, Missouri. It features live performances from the Ikettes, the Kings of Rhythm and of course from Tina. The album was originally released in November 1964 from Kent Records in America and in 1966 from Ember Records in England on vinyl and 8-track cartridge. In 1968, it was reissued  under the different title Please, Please, Please from United Records in America. In 1993 (UK) and 1998 (Japan) it was re-released from Kent Records on compact disc, including additional bonus songs from the album Festival of Live Performances,

Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

Front Cover

Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

Back Cover

A1. Please, Please, Please (Live) 6:54

Written by Brown, Terry / Lead vocals: Tina Turner
Single release in 1964

A2. Feel So Good (Live) 3:12

Written by Lee / Lead vocals: Jerry Thomas

A3. The Love Of My Man (Live) 3:55

Written by Townsend / Lead vocals: Venetta Fields

A4. Think (Live) 2:24

Written by Pauling / Lead vocals: Bobby John

B1. Drown In My Own Tears (Live) 7:31

Written by Glover / Lead vocals: Stacy Johnson

B2. I Love The Way You Love (Live) 3:12

Written by Gordy / Lead vocals: Robbie Montgomery

B3. Your Precious Love (Live) 2:30

Written by Butler / Lead vocals: Vernon Guy

B4. All In My Mind (Live) 3:30

Written by Brown, Kirkland, Johnson / Lead vocals: Tina Turner
Single release in 1964

B5. I Can’t Believe What You Say (Live) 1:59

Written by Ike Turner / Lead vocals: Tina Turner

Produced by Ike Turner

Ike and Tina Turner, The lkettes, Stacy Johnson, Vernon Guy, Venetta Fields, Jimmy Thomas, Bobby John, Robbie Robinson, The Kings of Rhythm

Ike & Tina Turner - Please, Please, Please - Album

Vinyl Reissue (USA) - Front Cover

Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

Vinyl Reissue (UK) - Front Cover

Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

CD (UK) - Front Cover

Liner Notes

Several years ago the recording industry was hit like an atomic bomb blast by the team of IKE & TINA TURNER; before the dust of their first record explosion could settle, the team started a chain reaction of similar record explosions in the form of hit records, that skyrocketed them into the coveted spot of stars, and embedded them in the minds of the world’s record buying public.

Musical excitement and entertainment was the format of the duo; along with their swinging band The Kings of Rhythm, and the soulful singing IKETTES, the IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE became one of the most sought after entertainment units on the scene.

That was then … the passing years have certainly changed the complexions of the R&B market, and everywhere one looks, a new R&B artist is on the rise to replace yesterday’s star. In spite of the change of complexion of the current R&B scene, the constant rise of new recording artists and stars, and the dropping out of the recording stars and artists of yesterday; IKE & TINA TURNER still remain; like rare vintage wine, they get better with age.

In today’s market of complete show units traveling and entertaining the masses, the IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE OF STARS, that includes STACY JOHNSON, VERNON GUY, VANETTA FIELDS, JIMMY THOMAS, BOBBY JOHN, ROBBIE MONTGOMERY, and THE IKETTES, plus the swinging KINGS OF RHYTHM BAND, are as popular today as they were several years ago, and are in constant demand among the nation’s top promoters and theater owners, playing to SRO crowds wherever they appear.

Headed up by the vivacious bronze bombshell TINA TURNER, and solidly supported by the above named artists who are all backed up musically by the swinging KINGS OF RHYTHM BAND, that’s fronted by the more than talented IKE TURNER; the IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE is more than excitement and entertainment itself on any theater stage or nite club floor … STACY JOHNSON really gets to you with his soulful rendition of blues and ballads … VERNON GUY adds excitement with his deliverance of hand clapping, toe tapping tunes …

VANETTA FIELDS adds the soul, and fills you with mixed emotions … JIMMY THOMAS handles his vocal chores with taste and finesse … BOBBY JOHN takes care of business … ROBBIE MONTGOMERY puts the pots on, and really cooks … THE IKETTES are just too much … and TINA TURNER, the bronze bombshell, literally explodes all over the stage in dazzling gowns and song; moving, grooving, dancing, and singing; the curvaceous nimble footed lassie, with the ever present smile, actually tears you apart and leaves you breathless as she goes about closing out the exciting forty-five minute action packed IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE OF STARS.

Chances are, you might have missed this spectacular unit in action; and again you might be a witness … whatever the case might be, here’s your chance to be entertained live by the IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE OF STARS, thanks to Kent Records … so if you think your heart can take it, slip the enclosed Kent LP, out of this record jacket, place it on your turn-table, adjust the volume to your satisfaction, and enjoy the greatest moments in musical entertainment and excitement … THE IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE OF STARS, Live.



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Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

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