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Rock Express (1986)

Tina Turner - Rock Express - Magazine

Rock Express (former Music Express) was a Canadian music magazine, only published from 1986 to 1988 after it was again renamed to Music Express. It primarily covered rock and pop music, with a focus on Canadian music. Tina was on the cover at the end of 1986 with an interview about her new album Break Every Rule, Live Aid, being a Buddhist and working with musicians like David Bowie and Bryan Adams.

Issue: No. 107 / November - December 1986
Interview: Kerry Dole
PhotographerLord Snowdon
Story: TINA! Turns The Page
Language: English

Soul Survivor - Though her life story is the stuff of tabloid sensation, Tina Turner’s no-nonsense „I’ll do it my way“ professionalism demonstrates a firm grasp on reality. Charming, beautiful, quietly spiritual and a legend in her own time, the lady is a class act.

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