TINA: Magazine

Rock Express (1986)

Tina Turner - Rock Express - Magazine

Issue 107 / November & December 1986

Rock Express (former Music Express) was a Canadian music magazine, only published from 1986 to 1988 after it was again renamed to Music Express. It primarily covered rock and pop music, with a focus on Canadian music. At the end of 1986, they published the cover story „TINA! Turns The Page“ with an interview by Kerry Dole, including pictures by Snowdon. Tina was asked about her new album Break Every Rule, Live Aid, being a Buddhist and working with musicians like David Bowie and Bryan Adams.

Soul Survivor - Though her life story is the stuff of tabloid sensation, Tina Turner’s no-nonsense „I’ll do it my way“ professionalism demonstrates a firm grasp on reality. Charming, beautiful, quietly spiritual and a legend in her own time, the lady is a class act.

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