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Tina Turner - SFL Music - Magazine

SFL Music Magazine is a monthly music magazine from South Florida featuring interviews and articles from national and local musicians. In June 2023, they honored Tina Turner on the cover and inside of the magazine:

Talented Tina Turner, aka The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, died peacefully at age 83 on May 24. Just like her hit song, she was simply 'The Best.' She conquered Rock, R & B, and Soul with her powerhouse vocals, spectacular dancing, and dynamic stage presence. She even impressed the superstars from Mick Jagger to Beyonce What's love got to do with it? Everything! Turner was loved dearly by all. She was a multi-platinum singing icon, actress, dancer, novelist, and role model who triumphed over abuse. Everyone loved Tina and her legend will live on.

Issue: June 2023
Pages: 1
Writer: Debbie Brautman
Photographer: Larry Marano, Tom Craig
Language: English

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