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Stand By Your Man (1985)

Tina Turner - Stand By Your Man - Promo Single

Stand By Your Man is a cover song, originally released from Tammy Wynette in 1968. Both tracks on this single were taken from the album Goes Country, which is a re-issue of the album Good Hearted Woman, featuring leftovers from the Tina Turns The Country On recording session from 1974.

PhotographerBrian Aris
: October 1985 (USA) / 1987 (Europe)
Label: Playback (USA) / Perfil (Spain)
Format: 7“ Vinyl / CD
AlbumGoes Country

  1. Stand By Your Man 2:44
  2. Writer: T. Wynette, Billy Sherrill / Producer: Bob Scherl
    Additional tracks:
  1. Lovin’ Him Was Easier 4:20
  2. From the American release
  3. Good Hearted Woman 3:30
  4. From the European release
  5. Lay It Down 3:37
  6. From the 7" promotional record

    All b-side tracks taken from the album 'Good Hearted Woman'
Tina Turner - Stand By Your Man - Promo Single

Billboard - October 19, 1985

THE BIG NEWS at New York’s Sutra is a distribution deal with Playback, wherein Sutra is handling a country album recorded in the ‘70’s by Tina Turner. The first single „Stand By Your Man“ is out now, with the album following in two weeks.

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