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Star Hits (1984 - 1989)

Tina Turner - Star Hits - Magazine

Issue from March 1986

Star Hits was an American music magazine, especially for lyrics of latest hits and interviews with big names in music. It was the sister-mag of the British 'Smash Hits‘, published from 1984 to 1989. Tina Turner was several times featured in both magazines and was on the cover of the March issue in 1986.

Issue: November 1989 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: I Don’t Wanna Lose You

Issue: March 1987 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: Two People

Issue: December 1986 (Star Hits)
Pages: 3
Writer: Chris Heath
Story: Break Every Rule
Lyrics: Typical Male

Issue: March 1986 (Star Hits) / Tina on cover
Competition: Wigged Out?
Lyrics: It’s Only Love

Issue: November 1985 (Star Hits)
Pages: 2
Writer: Jim Feldman
Story: Tina’s Story

Issue: 1985 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: One Of The Living

Issue: August 1985 (Smash Hits)
Lyrics: We Don’t Need Another Hero

Issue: August 1985 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: Show Some Respect

Issue: July 1985 (Star Hits)
Pages: 1
Writer: Linda Duff
Story: Tina & Bryan Adams in London

Issue: April 1985 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: Private Dancer

Issue: December 1984 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: Better Be Good To Me

Issue: September 1984 (Smash Hits)
Lyrics: Better Be Good To Me

Issue: 1984 (Star Hits)
Lyrics: What’s Love Got To Do With It

Issue: April 1984 (Star Hits)
Pages: 1
Writer: Ian Birch
Story: About 'Let’s Stay Together'

Issue: November 1983 (Smash Hits)
Lyrics: Let’s Stay Together

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