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Sunday Express (1996)

Tina Turner - Boulevard - Magazine

Sunday Express is the sister paper to the „Daily Express,“ a British newspaper. Tina Turner was on the cover of the November issue in 1996 with an report and interview behind the scenes of the Wildest Dreams Tour, following a day in the life of Tina on tour in Sheffield, in her hotel room, rehearsing before showtime and inside her dressing room with great photos. In the interview, Tina is asked about her breathtaking appearance for a then 57 years old rock legend, about her sons, her faith and a lot more.

Issue: November 1996
Pages: 5
Writer: Robin Eggar
PhotographerTony McGee
Story: The secret of my great good looks
Language: English

Tina Turner - Boulevard - Magazine

“I keep trying to retire. I’ve been working for 36 years now. I asked Roger to announce my retirement after my last tour ended in 1990, but he kept the stage, he kept the lights and he kept the costumes in case I “changed my mind”. He says if I ever stop working, I’ll get really old overnight. He’s probably right.”

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