The Best is a rock song, written by Holly Knight & Mike Chapman and was originally released by Bonnie Tyler in 1988, but only with minor success. One year later, Tina covered it for her album Foreign Affair and released it as the first and highly successful single. She promoted the song at several tv shows in Europe and performed it live at every concert tour. Live versions are available on the Do You Want Some Action! home video from 1991 and the album TINA Live from 2009.

The song became Tina Turner's anthem and has been repeatedly used at various ceremonies and sport events. In 1992, Tina re-recorded it as a duet with Jimmy Barnes under the slightly different title (Simply) The Best, to promote the New South Wales Rugby League season in Australia. Also in Australia, a „Grand Final Collectors Edition“ maxi single was released in 1993, including remixed versions. On April 19, 2010, fans from the Scottish Rangers football club began a campaign to get The Best to number one, coinciding with the team taking the Scottish Premier League title. It subsequently charted at #1 in Scotland and #9 in England.

Holly Knight about the song: "The Best is one of those rare gems that’s a positive song, and it’s not cheesy. But the hard part is to write something in a positive mode that really is sincere - that's a tall order."

The concept for the music video was Tina‘s idea. It shows her in a black dress, singing and dancing in the Mojave dessert and riding a horse during the saxophone part. The clip, directed by Lol Creme and produced by Lexi Godfrey, was originally released on the Foreign Affair EP on VHS, but is also available on the Simply The Best video collection on DVD. Otherwise unreleased alternate scenes with Tina riding the horse were shown in the tv special „Tina Turner Giving Her Best“ from VH1 in 1989.

Released in August 1989 from Capitol / EMI Records on 7“ (postcard) & 12“ vinyl, cassette and 3“ & 5“ (picture) CD, The Best reached #3 in Europe, #4 in Germany, #5 in England (1x Silver) and #15 in America. It was also a #1 airplay hit in Europe.

Billboard Magazine - September 09, 1989: Previewing “Foreign Affairs" is a comely easy-paced pop offering which finds Turner’s voice taking front and center stage.

Tina Turner - The Best - Single

Front Cover

Tina Turner - The Best - Single

CD Maxi (Germany) - Back Cover


A. The Best (Edit) 4:10

B. Undercover Agent For The Blues 5:19

● ● ●

postcard pack

A. The Best (Edit) 4:10

B. What’s Love Got To Do With It 3:48

Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten

● ● ●


A1. The Best (Album Version) 5:30

Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Dan Hartman and Tina Turner / Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

B1. Undercover Agent For The Blues 5:19

Written by Tony Joe White, L. White / Produced by Dan Hartman / Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

B2. Bold And Reckless (Previously Unreleased) 3:48

Written by Rupert Hine, Jeanette Obstoj / Produced by Rupert Hine

Photography: Peter Lindbergh

Tina Turner - The Best - Single

CD Maxi (Australia) - Front Cover

Tina Turner - The Best - Single

CD Maxi (Australia) - Back Cover

maxi (australia)

1. The Best (Edit) 4:10

2. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) 6:36

3. The Best (Single Muscle Mix) 4:16

4. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix) 5:29

Track 2, 3, 4: Remix by John Luongo for "The Office"

● ● ●


(ultrasound) The Best (Extended Special Remix) 8:29

(dmc) The Best (Turntable Remix) 5:31

Remix by Rod Layman

● ● ●


The Best (Karaoke Version) 5:32

Tina Turner - The Best - Postcard

Postcard Pack (UK) - Postcard

Tina Turner - The Best - Single

Postcard Pack (UK) - Sticker

Tina Turner - The Best - Postcard

Postcard Pack (UK) - Postcard

Tina Turner - The Best - Promo

Eurocharts Promo - August 19, 1989

New Single

Taken From Her
Forthcoming Album "Foreign Affair"
Released 18th September

The Title Says It All

Tina Turner - The Best - Music Video

Music Video
Director: Lol Creme
Producer: Lexi Godfrey
Home Video: Simply The Best
Time: 4:11


Tina Turner & Robert Cray - 634-5789 - Single



Tina Turner - The Best - Single

The Best


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