The Brady Bunch Hour was an American variety show with nine 60-minutes episodes, produced and aired from November 1976 until May 1977. Tina was guest at the third show on February 27, where she performed live the previously never performed song „Rubberband Man” and a medley at the end of the show together with the full cast. It’s one of her first appearances in a tv show after the split from Ike Turner.

Tina Turner - The Brady Bunch Hour (1977)

February 27, 1977

Rubberband Man (Live)

Medley (Live)

Tina with Cast


Tina Turner - BPI Awards (1985)

BPI Awards


Tina Turner - The Brady Bunch Hour (1977)

Brady Bunch Hour

1985 - 1996

Tina Turner - Brit Awards (1985 - 1996)

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