TINA: Press Conference

Twenty Four Seven (1999)

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - xxx

Tina was in Paris on October 27, 1999 to promote her recent album Twenty Four Seven with a Press Conference and a Launch Party at the Buddha Bar, one of Paris’ most hyped restaurants at this time. After the journalists asked all their questions about the new album and the upcoming tour, Tina gave a private mini concert before 250 visitors, mostly representatives of the European press, but also 50 fans from a contest organized by the NRJ radio station and the FNAC store. At 10pm, Tina appeared from behind a red curtain, looking beautiful in a small low-necked red dress and performed on a small stage three tracks from her new album together with her musicians and backing vocalists, starting with the title track. She disappeared after 25 minutes, carrying a bouquet of white roses presented by her record company.

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - xxx

Tina at the 24/7 Press Conference and at her performance at the Buddha Bar

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