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Undercover Agent For The Blues

is a slow blues song, written by Tony Joe White for Tina’s album Foreign Affair in 1989 and was also the b-side of the single The Best. Tina performed it live at her Foreign Affair Tour in 1990 and at most of her following tours as a stripped-down accoustic version, available on many home videos.

Writer: Tony Joe White, L. White
Producer: Dan Hartman
Album: Foreign Affair (1989) / Do You Want Some Action? (2021)
Video: Do You Want Some Action? (1990) / What’s Love? Live (1994) / Live In Amsterdam (1997) / TINA Live (2009)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - AlbumTina Turner - Do You Want Some Action? - Album
  1. Undercover Agent For The Blues 5:20
  2. From the album 'Foreign Affair'
    Tony Joe White: Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Synth Bass / Eddie Martinez: Rhythm Guitar / Dan Hartman: Electric Piano and Organ / Jeff Bova: Mystery Organ and Horn Section / Carmine Rojas: Bass / J.T. Lewis: Drums / Danny Cummings: Rattlesnake / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge
  3. Undercover Agent For The Blues (Live) 5:07
  4. From the album 'Do You Want Some Action?' with a concert from Barcelona, Spain in 1990
    Ollie Marland: Keyboard, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Guitar / Timmy Capello: Persussion, Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano, Vocals / John Miles: Guitar, Vocals

The title of that got me „Undercover Agent" it sounds like a great movie as well I mean I'm always liking those sort of agent movies and the spies and all of that, and I thought "Oh what a great video!“ immediately. I'm not a commercially thinking person, I think immediately in the performance of it "Oh the video would make a great..." I'm already gone, producing it for what the video would be or what it would be like to perform and the promotion of it.

I just thought it was so great, it must have been a season for the fools. I mean it’s always a season spring, summer but who would ever think of. . his words, every single line, I would like the people to read Tony Joe's words they're just so, they're so real, and that's what got me as well.

From the 'Foreign Affair‘ promotional interview

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