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Wetten Dass..? (1985 - 2004)

Tina Turner - Wetten Dass..? - TV

Tina & Thomas Gottchalk, 1996

Wetten Dass..? was the biggest and most successful German language television show in Europe, broadcasted from 1981 to 2014. Tina Turner was six times guest in the show for promotion over a period of 19 years.

At her very first appearance in 1985, she performed her last European single I Can’t Stand The Rain from the album Private Dancer. One year later she promoted the first single Typical Male from her new album Break Every Rule and after a five year break in 1991, her recent single Way Of The World from her greatest hits album Simply The Best.

At the fourth appearance in 1996, she performed after a funny interview with Thomas Gottschalk the last single from the album Wildest Dreams with In Your Wildest Dreams. Actually Tina was already on the road with her Wildest Dreams Tour and came from three concerts at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Although she had a cold, she was professional as always.

The fifth appearance was in 1999 with an interview and the first live performance of her new single When The Heartache Is Over. Because she lost her bet, she did also „Happy Birthday” for the audience and before she left, she signed a car for a charity auction. This year, Tina was also guest at the Dutch version of the show, called „Wedden dat..?“

The very last appearance was in 2004, where she performed live the song Open Arms from the All The Best greatest hits album. At the beginning of the show, Tina did also a short commercial in which she speaks in German „Mit dem Zweiten sieht man besser!” It’s a slogan from the ZDF which means “With the second, you see better!”, because the ZDF is historically the second TV station in Germany.

November 13, 2004
Open Arms (Live) / Interview

Commercial: „Mit dem Zweiten sieht man besser!"

November 1999 - Wedden dat..?
Interview / Certification for 'Twenty Four Seven' / When The Heartache Is Over (Playback)

November 13, 1999
Interview / When The Heartache Is Over (Live) / Happy Birthday (Live)

November 09, 1996
Interview / In Your Wildest Dreams (Playback)

November 02, 1991
Way Of The World (Playback)

September 27, 1986
Typcial Male (Playback)

May 18, 1985
I Can't Stand The Rain (Playack)

Tina Turner - Wetten Dass..? - TV

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