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A Black Man’s Soul (1969)

Ike Turner - A Black Man's Soul - Album

A Back Man’s Soul is an instrumental funk and soul album, released with a black and white and colored cover. It contains songs written by Ike Turner, his St. Louis colleague Oliver Sain and some others. All tracks were recorded at various studios in the U.S. between tour dates. In addition to Ike on piano and guitar, Billy Preston also played piano. The album  received a 4 star rating from Billboard in their issue from May 3, 1969 and earned Ike his first solo Grammy nomination for Best R&B Instrumental Performance at the 12th Annual Grammy Awards in 1970. The album was originally released in 1969 from Pompeii Records in America. In England, it was first issued in 1975 under the different title „Funky Mule“ and in Germany as „Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm“. In 2003, it was re-issued on compact disc with four bonus tracks, including three with vocals from Tina. It's also part of the 3 CD box set The Complete Pompeii Recordings from 2016.

Producer: Ike Turner
Design: Loring Eutemey  
Release: 1969 (USA) / 1975 (Europe) / 2003 (CD)
Label: Pompeii (USA) / DJM (UK) / Bellaphone (Germany) / Funky Delicacies (CD)
Format: Vinyl / Cartridge / CD

    Side A
  1. Thinking Black 2:41
  2. Written by Ike Turner / Single in 1969
  3. Black Beauty 2:28
  4. Written by Ike Turner
  5. Ghetto Funk 2:31
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. Black’s Alley 2:44
  8. Written by Oliver Sain
  9. Black Angel 3:13
  10. Written by Oliver Sain
  11. Getting Nasty 3:08
  12. Written by Ike Turner
    Side B
  1. Funky Mule 3:23
  2. Written by Marvin Holmes
  3. Philly Dog 2:24
  4. Written by Rufus Thomas
  5. Scotty Souling 2:59
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. Up Hard 2:41
  8. Written by Art Miller
  9. Nuttin’ Up 2:27
  10. Written by Ike Turner
  11. Freedom Sound 2:38
  12. Written by Ike Turner
    CD Bonus Tracks
  1. Chain Of Fools 2:11
  2. Philly Dog 2:24
  3. Written by Rufus Thomas
  4. Chain Of No More Doggin’ 3:32
  5. Vocals by Tina Turner
  6. Knock On Wood 2:45
  7. Vocals by Tina Turner
  8. Drifting Blues 2:35
  9. Vocals by Tina Turner
Ike Turner - A Black Man's Soul - Album

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