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Acid Queen (1976)

Tina Turner - Acid Queen - Single

Acid Queen is the title track and third single from the album Acid Queen in Germany and the second one in England. The single version is a re-recording from the soundtrack for the 1975 movie Tommy, in which Tina stars as the Acid Queen. Tina performed the song live in the late concerts from Ike & Tina in 1975 as well as repeatedly in her solo concerts. She also promoted it on the German TV-Show Musikladen in 1978. Live versions are available on the home video Nice ’N' Rough from 1982 and One Last Time from 2000.

Writer: Pete Townsend
Producer: Danny Diante, Spencer Proffer
Release: January 1976 (UK) / 1978 (Germany)
Label: United Artists
Format: 7“ Vinyl
AlbumAcid Queen

  1. Acid Queen 3:00
    Additional tracks:
  1. Rockin’ And Rollin’ 3:58
  2. From the UK release
  3. Pick Me Tonight 3:11
  4. From the Australian release
  5. Let’s Spend The Night Together 2:50
  6. From the German release

    All b-side tracks taken from the album 'Acid Queen'
Tina Turner - Acid Queen - Single

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