Behind The Dreams is a video documentary with a „Behind The Scenes View“ of Tina’s 1996 Wildest Dreams Tour in Europe. It follows Tina backstage and rehearsing the tour in Cape Town (South Africa), including interviews with the band, dancers and staff members, plus a making of the music video for On Silent Wings. It also shows Tina and Bruce Willis together on stage in Paris, rehearsing the encore „Unfinished Sympathie“. Behind The Dreams with a running time of approximately 25 minutes was directed by Christine Strand and edited by Guy Marley. It was released in 1996 from TDK on VHS video.

To promote the Wildest Dreams Tour, at least the following tv specials were additionally produced: „Showtime“ concentrates on Tina’s Amsterdam concert, which was later released on the Live In Amsterdam home video. The German special „24-hours“ gives us an insight to the preparations of her concert in Cologne and the „O-Zone“ shows Tina’s first concerts in South Africa, including a scene with the Vusa Dance Company on the song „Do What You Do“.

Tina Turner - Behind The Dreams - Promo

VHS Promo - Cover


Tina / Keith Bradley (Production, Tour Manager) / Mark Fisher (Set Designer) / Roy Bennett (Lighing Designer) / Mac Mosier (Ligting Director) / Andrew Mournehis (Choreographer) / Christine Strand (Video Director) / Timmy Capello (Musician)

Band Rehearsals

South Africa

Tina & Bruce Willis

Soundcheck For Paris Show

Dance Rehearsals

South Africa

Medley Rehearsals

South Africa

Tina Mobile

Test Run Cape Town

Video Shoot

Silent Wings Cape Town

On Silent Wings

Music Video


Tina Turner - Behind The Dreams - Promo


Tina Turner - The NAC Sampler - Promo

The NAC Sampler


Tina Turner - Behind The Dreams - Promo

Behind The Dreams


Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Interview) - Promo

Twenty Four Seven (Interview)