Love Within (Beyond) is the third Beyond album, featuring Regula Curti, Dechen Shag-Dagsay, Tina Turner and the new Hindu singer Sawani Shende-Sathaye. The opening track „Love Within“ starts with a spiritual message spoken by Tina and ends with a breathtaking interpretation of „Amazing Grace“ by Tina as well. The track „Mother Within,“ includes also a new version of the Tina written song „I'm A Motherless Child,“ which was already recorded by Ike & Tina Turner in 1969 for the album Outta Season. For promotion, the track Mother was released just in time for Mother’s Day. Available only for a short time, it's a short mix of the track „Wisdom,“ including a sample of Tina’s spoken intro. Mother Within (Heavenly Home) was released as a digital single in a much shorter and a little bit more up-tempo mix than on the album. The digital version of the album includes an additional remix of the song „Wisdom“.

Released in June 2014 from Universal Records on compact disc and digital, Love Within reached #21 in Germany and #7 in Switzerland.

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

Front Cover

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album


1. Love Within 10:10 *

Spiritual Message By Tina Turner
Om Shanti, Kyrie Eleison, Generating Bodhicitta, Laudemus Virginem, Amazing Grace

2. Wisdom 5:56

O Sapientia, Devii Saraswatii Vandanaa, Arya Tara Rigpa Hum Dröl

3. Almighty 6:08 *

The Enlighter, Taking Refuge, Lord’s Prayer, Lord’s Prayer In Aramaic

4. Divine Mother 6:37

Ave Maria, Devi Parvati Stuti Rachanaa, Green Arya Tara Mantra

5. Praise 6:16

Arya Tara Who Protects The Elements, Goddess Durga Shloka, Halleluja

6. Mother Within 5:18 *

Buddha Mantra, Sometimes I’m Exhausted And Driven Lord, Tum Hi Ho Aadhaar, Regina Coeli
Single release in 2014

7. Welcome 7:21

Yavi Devii, Ave Regina Coelorum, Chen Dren - Inviting Arya Tara

8. Lover Beyond 8:25

Ave Maria, Meeraa Bhajan, Arya Tara Wangdü Rigje Lhamo

9. Compassion 5:26

Ubi Caritas, Tvameva Maataa, Avalokiteshvara Mantra

10. Oneness 6:44 *

Amen, Om, Om Ah Hum

11. Wisdom (Remix) 2:59

O Sapientia, Devii Saraswatii Vandanaa, Arya Tara Rigpa Hum Dröl
Digital downlad only

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album


Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

Go to the
Mother within you
Go inside of you,
true values you’ll find
beyond, beyond

Tina Turner

Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

CD - Label

Umashankar Shukla: Sitar Sandeep Kulkamiz: Flute Dilshad Khan: Sarangi Liakat Ali Khan: Sarangi Narayan Mani: Veena Aditya Oke: Harmonium Satyajeet Prabhu: Harmonium Takahiro Arai: Santoor Vinayak Netke: Tabla Krisna Ghotkar: Pakhavaj Deepak Borkar: Percussions Christoph Stiefel: Piano on Compassion, Love Within, Welcome Galatea Quartet: Strings on Almighty, Lover Beyond, Mother Within, Oneness, Welcome Tullio Zanovello: Orchestral Arrangement and Programming on Compassion Jonas Zellweger: Orchestration and additional Arrangement for Galatea Quartet Leos Gerteis: Clarinet Roland Frei: Programming, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Keys

Tina Turner *, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Sawani Shende-Sathaye

Produced by BEYOND Foundation, Switzerland
Executive Producers: Erwin Bach, Beat Curti
Music Producer: Roland Frei, NJP Studios
Recording & Arrangement: Roland Frei, NJP Studios
Arrangement & Musical Direction for Indian Instruments: Avinash Chandrachud
Mixing: Leos Gerteis & Roland Frei at NJP Studios
Mastering: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering Los Angeles
Concept and Coordination: Regula Curti
Photography: Nathan Beck
Film: Xaver Walser
Graphic Design: eyeworks, Zurich

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Promotional Video
Director: Xaver Walser
Producer: Beat Curti & Erwin Bach
Time 5:29


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Tina Turner - Beyond: Love Within - Album

Love Within (Beyond)


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