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Big League (1989 - 1992)

Tina Turner - Big League - Magazine

Issue from March 1989

Big League was the official magazine of the National Rugby League in Australia, first published as 'The Rugby League News' in 1920 and rebranded in 1974 as 'Big League'. In 2020, production of the magazine was suspended and has not resumed, leaving the game without an official program. Tina Turner was the face, voice and big spiky hair of Australian Rugby League, starting in 1989 with the commercial What You Get Is What You See and a cover story in the Big League magazine. In 1992, she was again on the cover together with Jimmy Barnes, when they produced a commercial with the re-recorded Simply The Best.

Issue: March 18-24, 1992
Story: League '92 Rocks On / Tina & Jimmy Barnes on cover
Language: English

Issue: March 15-21, 1989
Story: Welcome to 1989 'What You Get Is What You See‘
Language: English

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