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Confined To Soul (1973)

Ike Turner - Confined To Soul - Album

Confined To Soul is one of Ike Turners side projects, after he built his own recording studio 'Bolic Sound'. The album includes a mixture of soul and funk and a wide array of instrumentals, played from the „Family Vibes,“ which were previously named the „Kings of Rhythm“. The album is still waiting for a release on compact disc.

Producer: Ike Turner, Jackie Clark, Claude Williams
Recorded: Bolic Sound, Inglewood, California - February 1973
Release: 1973
Label: United Artists
Format: Vinyl

    Side A
  1. Beauty Is In The Eye (Of The Beholder) 3:09
  2. Written by D. Mancha
  3. Two For Three And Three For Me (Instrumental) 3:20
  4. Written by J. Clark
  5. El Burrito (Instrumental) 3:27
  6. Written by W. Dawson
  7. Scratch (Instrumental) 3:26
  8. Written by C. Williams
  9. Garbage Man 4:43
  10. Written by C. Williams / Single in 1973
    Side B
  1. The Shakes (Instrumental) 2:48
  2. Written by Mack Johnson
  3. La Vamp (Instrumental) 3:36
  4. Written by Oliver Sain
  5. Ballad Of The All Time Blues (Instrumental) 3:09
  6. Written by J. Foelber
  7. Journey Through Your Feelings 3:10
  8. Written by J. Foelber
Ike Turner - Confined To Soul - Album

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