Confined To Soul is one of Ike Turners side projects, after he built his own recording studio 'Bolic Sound'. The album includes a mixture of soul and funk and a wide array of instrumentals, played from the „Family Vibes,“ which were previously named the „Kings of Rhythm“. It was released in 1973 from United Artists Records on vinyl but is still waiting for a reissue on compact disc.

Ike Turner - Confined to Soul - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Front Cover

Ike Turner - Confined to Soul - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Back Cover

A1. Beauty Is In The Eye (Of The Beholder) 3:09

Written by D. Mancha

A2. Two For Three And Three For Me (Instrumental) 3:20

Written by J. Clark

A3. El Burrito (Instrumental) 3:27

Written by W. Dawson

A4. Scratch (Instrumental) 3:26

Written by C. Williams

A5. Garbage Man 4:43

Written by C. Williams
Single release in 1973

B1. The Shakes (Instrumental) 2:48

Written by Mack Johnson

B2. La Vamp (Instrumental) 3:36

Written by Oliver Sain

B3. Ballad Of The All Time Blues (Instrumental) 3:09

Written by J. Foelber

B4. Journey Through Your Feelings 3:10

Written by J. Foelber

Producer: Ike Turner, Jackie Clark & Claude Williams
Engineer: Fred Borkgren

Recorded at Bolic Sound, Inglewood, California February 1973


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Ike Turner - Confined to Soul - Album

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