IKE & TINA: Album (Box Set)

Fabulous (1982)

Ike & Tina Turner - Fabulous! - Box Set

Fabulous is a French box set, including four previously released LP's: Live! (a reissue of the album Festival of Live Performances), Black Beauty (featuring mostly tracks from the album Cussin’, Cryin’ & Carryin’ On), So Fine (a reissue of the album So Fine from 1968) and the sampler Black Angel. The cardboard box comes with a very nice cover picture, taken from a French TV-Show, but without the individual covers.

Release: 1982
Photgrapher: Ph. Gras
: Musidisc
Format: 4 Vinyl Box

  1. Live!
  2. Reissue of the album 'Festival of Live Performances' / Originally released in 1977
  3. Black Beauty
  4. Sampler / Originally released in 1974
  5. So Fine
  6. Reissue of the album 'So Fine' / Originally released in 1973
  7. Black Angel
  8. Sampler / Originally released in 1975

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