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is a wonderful ballad, co-written by David Bowie for Tina’s album Break Every Rule and was also released as a single in Europe. Tina performed it live at her Break Every Rule Tour, available on the album Live In Europe.

Writer: David Bowie, Erdal Kizilacay
Producer: Terry Britten
Album: Break Every Rule (1986) / Live In Europe (1988)
Single: Girl’s (1987)
Charts: Netherlands: #27

  1. Girl's 4:56
  2. From the album 'Break Every Rule'
    Recorded & Mixed by Joh Hudson at Mayfair Studios / Tina's vocals recorded at Studio Grnade Armee, Paris (France) / Assistant Engineer: Mike Ging / Ambisonics Surround Sound courtesy of Richard Ellen / Nick Glennie-Smith: Keyboards / Terry Britten: Guitar Bass / Phil Collins: Drums / Garry Katell: Percussion
  3. Girl's (Live) 4:55
  4. From the album 'Live In Europe'
    Produced by John Hudson / Deric Dyer: Saxophone, Keyboard / Don Snow: Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Steve Scales: Percussion / Bob Feit: Guitar, Vocals / John Miles: Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Laurie Wisefield: Guitar/ Ollie Marland: Keyboard, Vocals

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