Here And Now is the third solo album from Ike Turner after he was released from prison in 1991. After touring with Joe Louis Walker in 1997, Ike reformed the „Kings of Rhythm,“ taking them on a US tour in 2001 with his new wife Jeanette as the lead singer. His work on the tour led to the recording of this album, which includes a new version of his 1951 hit Rocket 88 and some instrumental tracks.

Released in 2001 from Ikon Records on vinyl and digital, Here And Now was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category „Best Traditional Blues Album“ and won two W.C. Handy Awards.

Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album
Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album

1. Tore Up 3:25

2. Baby’s Got It (Instrumental) 3:22

3. You Can’t Winnum’ All 4:38

4. Ike’s Theme (Instrumental) 2:22

5. Catfish Blues 4:08

6. Gave You What You Wanted 4:07

7. I Need A Nuddin’ 3:41

8. Swanee River Boogie (Instrumental) 2:36

9. Feelin’ Low Down 4:10

10. Rocket 88 2:21

11. Cold Day In Hell 6:54

Produced by lke Turner

Tracks 1-3,5-7,9,10 were recorded at lke Turner Studio in San Marcos, CA.
Further recording and transfer to tape done at D&L Studios, in Escondido, Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Ocean Way Studio Hollywood and Benjamin Wright Studio in Sun Valley CA.
Instrumental Overdubs on these tracks were done at Willie MitcheIl's Royal Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.
Tracks 4, 8, 11 were recorded live in the studio at Leon Haywoods EVEJlM Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Engineering by lke Turner and Lucha Phillips in San Marcos. Benjamin Wright, Lamont Dozier, Leonard Jackson, Bill Dashell in Los Angeles, and William Brown in Memphis.

Piano played by: Ike Turner and Ernest Lane -Track E, 3, 5 & 8
Guitar played by: lke Turner - All tracks
Special Guests: Milton Campbell - Tracks 3, 9; Joe Kelly - Track 10; and Fuzzy - Track 11
Additional guitar by: James Lewis
Bass played by: Ike Turner and Kevin Cooper Tracks 1-3, 5-7, 9, 10
Upright Bass played by: Dell Akins on Track 4, 8, 11
Drums were played by: Ike Turner and Preston (Bugsy Wilcox) Tracks 1, 3, 5-7, 9, 10, Tony Coleman on tracks 4, 3,11. On tracks 1-3, 5-7, 3, 10 overdub drums were played by Steve Potts at Willie Mitchell's Studio.
Horns were played by: Jim Spake (solo on track 7) Lannie McMillan, Andrew Love and James Mitchell on tracks 1-3, 5-7, 9, 10 in Memphis at Willie Mitchell's Studio. Scott Thompson, Mac Johnson, Evan Pigford, Ernid Field, Louis Taylor and Dan Bell at EVEJlM Studios in Los Angeles on tracks 4, 8, 11.
Mixing was performed at EVEJIM Studios in Los Angeles.
Mastering by: Scott Hull at Classic Sounds in New York City. Special thanks to Joe Lambert for his work on the mastering process. Milton Campbell appears courtesy of Malaco Records.
Harmonica played by: Kenny Krizzelle

Special thanks to Joe Bihari, Audrey Madison, Willie Mitchell and Leon Haywood for their continuous support throughout the recording of this project. Thanks also to Jim O'Neal for getting it all started and to Ken Burch for his everpresent musicalsensibilities and advice. Thanks to Todd Cronin, Andria Lisle and Nicole Bihari for logistic support.

Album art and design by 27.12 Design, ltd. in New York City (
Photography by Jeff Dunas
Liner Notes by Bill Dahl

Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album
Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album
Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album

Vibe Magazine
July, 2001

Ike Tumer knows the blues. However, his allegedly abusive past makes the vintage woman-done-me-wrong songs on Here and Now - his first studio album in more than two decades - hard to swallow. But cruel irony aside, Tumer is faithful to the form, delivering convincing, wide-mouthed tributes to shattered dreams and piss-poor luck. „Tore Up“ is an ode to inebriation. And „You Can’t Winnum’ All“ and „Feelin' Low Down“ both show Turner throwing his hands up to fate, which, all things considered, is probably the safest thing for him to do with them. Jon Caramanica


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Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album

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