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Here And Now (2001)

Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album

Here And Now is the third solo album from Ike Turner after he was released from prison in 1991. After touring with Joe Louis Walker in 1997, Ike reformed the „Kings of Rhythm,“ taking them on a US tour in 2001 with his new wife Jeanette as the lead singer. His work on the tour led to the recording of this album, which includes a new version of his 1951 hit Rocket 88 and some instrumental tracks. All tracks were written and produced by Ike Turner. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award and won a W.C. Handy Blues Award.

Writer: Ike Turner
Producer: Ike Turner
Recorded: Ike Turner's studio, San Marcos (1-3,5-7,9,10) / Leon Haywoods EVEJlM Studio, Los Angeles (4, 8, 11)
Design: 2712 Design
PhotographerJeff Dunas 
Release: 2001
Label: Ikon
Format: CD / Digital
Grammy: Best Traditional Blues Album (Nomination 2002)
W.C. Handy Blues Award: Comeback Album of the Year 

  1. Tore Up 3:25
  2. Baby’s Got It (Instrumental) 3:22
  3. You Can’t Winnum’ All 4:38
  4. Ike’s Theme (Instrumental) 2:22
  5. Catfish Blues 4:08
  6. Gave You What You Wanted 4:07
  7. I Need A Nuddin’ 3:41
  8. Swanee River Boogie (Instrumental) 2:36
  9. Feelin’ Low Down 4:10
  10. Rocket '88 2:21
  11. Cold Day In Hell 6:54
Ike Turner - Here And Now - Album

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