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I’ll Never Need More Than This

was co-written and produced by Phil Spector using his 'Wall of Sound' production technique. It was recorded from Tina at Gold Star Studios during the session for the album River Deep, Mountain High in 1966, but it was first included into the tracklist of the album in 1969 when the album was first issued in America. In 1967, it was released as a non album track, promoted from Tina on the TV-Show American Bandstand .

Writer: Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
Producer: Phil Spector
Album: River Deep, Mountain High (1966)
Single: I'll Never Need More Than This (1967)
Charts: UK: #64

  1. I'll Never Need More Than This (Edit) 3:21
  2. From the 1967 single release
  3. I'll Never Need More Than This 3:34
  4. From the album 'River Deep, Mountain High'

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